SmithInstitute was established by SmithBucklin to help associations develop competencies in effective governance, strategic thinking and action taking, innovation, leadership development and change management. SmithInstitute provides the latest industry insight to association leaders on issues and trends that they can utilize to help grow their organizations and deliver value to their members.

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About SmithBucklin

It began in 1949, when founder William E. Smith started what has now become SmithBucklin, the association management and services company more organizations turn to than any other. With nine client organizations—headlined by the Popcorn, Seed Pea and Frozen Potato Products Institutes—and just 22 employees, SmithBucklin opened its doors in downtown Chicago.

Today, we continue to work to fulfill the promise of Mr. Smith's vision, with talented employees offering growth-focused, best-in-class, flexible resources to more than 451 trade associations, professional societies, technology user groups, corporations, government agencies/institutes and other non-profit organizations. Read on to learn more about us.

The SmithBucklin Culture

Our culture is the foundation upon which we strive to create value for our client organizations and deliver exceptional service to their leaders, members and other stakeholders. Click here to learn more.

Management Team

Our management team comprises individuals who have diverse but complementary skills and substantial collective experience and background in association management and business. As a team and as individuals, we dedicate ourselves to enabling and supporting SmithBucklin employees to deliver exemplary service and create value for our client organizations. 


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Our Client Organizations

SmithBucklin provides full-service management and outsourcing services to trade associations, professional societies, technology user groups, corporations, government institutes/agencies and other non-profit organizations. Click here to learn more.

Company Facts

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Awards & Recognition

At SmithBucklin, we are proud and truly honored to be recognized for our commitment to realizing our vision and achieving our mission as well as our dedication for serving others. Click here to learn more.

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