Our Chosen Values

Our company’s Chosen Values are best articulated through a pledge that we make to each of our client organizations:


  • To be intensely devoted to CLIENT STEWARDSHIP by always striving to do the right things for our client organizations, even when those things are not the easiest, or the most obvious. As trusted stewards, we will become deeply vested in each client organization’s purpose, goals, values and long-term success. We will dedicate ourselves to a complete understanding of our client organizations’ industries and professions, as well as their customs and beliefs, and will preserve their independence and autonomy, as well as protect and nurture their uniqueness. We also remain firmly committed to our client organizations for the long run, in good times and in bad.
  • To deliver exceptional service to our customers, who are the leaders, members and other stakeholders of our client organizations. To us, a customer is also any colleague or business partner supporting a client organization customer. CUSTOMER CARE means doing it right (achieving excellence in all that we do) and doing it with speed and a sense of urgency.
  • To take care of our people so that they can take care of our clients. PEOPLE CARE means offering our employees a challenging yet harmonious working environment where they can grow personally and professionally, reach their utmost potential, and make a meaningful difference in the industries and professions they serve through our client organizations.
  • To readily give TRUST and strive hard to earn it. The foundation upon which all effective relationships are based, we know that trust ultimately generates success both for our client organizations and our company.
  • To be relentless in our commitment and pursuit of COMMUNICATION that is open, honest, frequent, credible, clear and direct — up, down, sideways, among ourselves, and with our client organizations. We will tell the truth. Always. Period.
  • To be committed to GROWTH in our client organizations. This means we will actively help our client organizations excel in the three fundamentals of growth: creating and maintaining a compelling and unique value proposition with members; being “easy to do business with”; and, communicating and marketing in meaningful, effective, consistent and frequent ways.
  • To ensure COHESIVENESS and ALIGNMENT throughout our company. This is more about attitude, teamwork and cross-functional performance than it is about processes or reporting structures. This means that we will serve client organizations holistically, striving hard to ensure that all parts of our company are connected and working in harmony so that our performance is productive and cost effective. Simply stated, we will not let formal hierarchies and organizational boundaries get in the way of serving client organizations, solving problems or simply doing the right thing.
  • To exude PASSION in our relentless pursuit of both knowledge and understanding of our client organizations, as well as in our service to their leaders, members and other stakeholders. Our passion springs from the belief and deep conviction that what we do on behalf of our client organizations is important and meaningful—and that we are making a difference.
  • To nurture the power of team performance but embrace INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY and ACCOUNTABILITY for actions, commitments and results. This means that each of us is willing to step outside our own sphere of comfort, organizational duties and immediate influence to help meet client organization needs, solve problems, or simply do the right thing.
  • To expect great things of ourselves, yet work to constantly expand our expectations by remaining committed to continuous LEARNING, renewal and self-improvement. We will also strive hard to leverage our collective knowledge and experience to benefit our client organizations. We accomplish this through ongoing intra-company sharing and networking, and in the capture and documentation of leading practices, tools and lessons learned. Consistent with evolving client needs and expectations, we embrace incremental as well as transformational change in ourselves and in our business.