Meet Member Needs with Content Marketing

by SmithBucklin

Circuit 2014 CoverContent, such as webinars, presentations, white papers, videos or articles, is one of the most valuable assets of an association. A determining factor of an association’s success is its ability to provide its target audience with relevant information that helps them answer their most pressing questions. If this is accomplished, it can solidify an organization’s value to both members and prospective members. The team of marketing and communications professionals at SmithBucklin knows that one of the most effective ways to accomplish this goal is by implementing a content marketing strategy.


This begins by formulating a strategic process to provide an audience with information that meets their needs. This can be done in a variety of ways, but a key aspect is to ensure what you provide is reliable and relevant. In other words, it is the quality of the content that is most important, not the quantity.


For the Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG) – an organization that serves thousands of Oracle technologists and database administrators – the team of marketing and communications professionals serving the organization implemented a content marketing strategy to broaden IOUG’s reach within the Oracle community. The team realized that one of IOUG’s major strengths – useful content – was not being fully leveraged. The content was reaching members, but there was a larger market of database analysts and technologists that use Oracle products who were not aware of the IOUG brand and the organization’s offerings.


In response, IOUG redesigned its website ( to focus attention on the exceptional content the organization provides. This created a central hub for information. The organization also recast its marketing strategy to drive additional traffic to the site through multiple channels, including social media. By targeting a broader audience and providing content that is relevant to the industry, IOUG increased website visitors by almost 40 percent and the number of pages viewed per visit by more than 20 percent.


As organizations look for ways to engage their current audience while also reaching new ones, it is essential to provide constituents with content that meets their needs and addresses critical industry issues. By doing so, an association can powerfully demonstrate its value as a source for answers and problem-solving.


This article was originally published in the 2014 edition of Circuit, SmithBucklin’s annual magazine.