Three Quick Tips on Raising Attendance: Association with Success

by Stephanie Yanecek

PrintHere are three ways that SmithBucklin, a leader in the field of association management and services, is effectively raising attendance at association events:


➤  Leveraging digital PR. How organizations reach new audiences has been completely redefined through digital PR and marketing. The need to develop and promote thought leaders and fresh content is a great way to stay relevant and valuable to these outlets, which are in constant need of new material. Media and industry relations is no longer just about writing the article or doing the interview; it’s about being a regular and thoughtful contributor on important and timely issues that are impacting your target audiences.


➤  Helping put social media in its right place. Rather than just pushing out statuses that say “Register today!” we are looking to run contests and campaigns that engage people and get them excited about and involved with our events. Associations need to make sure they are using social media vehicles in the right way, and not just doing it for the sake of doing it.


➤  Focusing on content marketing and website optimization. For many associations, a lot of content, including event content, is member-only accessible.  Those barriers make it difficult to engage from a potential attendee perspective.  Associations need to move more content in front of the firewall and leverage it as part of site optimization. If someone is searching for key words that describe your meeting, you want them to be able to find your event online, and connect that possible prospect with your community. Associations need to understand that technology has changed and is constantly changing.


Stephanie Yanecek is the vice president of SmithBucklin’s Marketing & Communication Services unit.



Originally published by Meetings Focus.